2019 Special Levy Election Sample Ballot



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Streets that were paved in 2017


Abbot Way

Summerfield Court

Paris Place

Fourth Street

Jefferson Street

Wiseman Avenue

Tank Hill Road

Jobe Road

Stokes Lane

Bowyer Road

Jay Street

Cashwell Street

Roosevelt Street


ADA Sidewalk Improvements 2017



Daniels Street and Court Street

Huse and Keller Avenue

Abbot Way and Fayette Avenue

Rotan Avenue and Court Street

Keller Avenue and Court Street

Maple Avenue Sidewalk

Fayette Avenue Sidewalk


Daniels Street to be paved in 2019 after the new water lines are installed by WVAW



This Special Levy election is for the continuance of a levy that has been in effect for the past five years, July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2019.† The Special Election for Street and Sidewalk Levy began in 1949, approved for over the past 70 years.† These levied amounts have been used over the years to not only pave streets, but to maintain them including gravel, cold patch, salt, snow removal, etc.† This is a highlight of the use of this levy for the past few years.

Streets in 2016


Thomas Street

Dempsey Street

Third Street

Vairs Street

Craig Avenue

Jacqueline Street

Halstead Street

300 Block of Maple Avenue

Fayette Circle

Brooks Street to Dummitt Street

Francesa Street to Maple Avenue

Second Avenue from the old bridge to Third Street

Hess Street to Old Court Street

Adkins Avenue to Old Court Street

Jones Street from Adkins Avenue to the end

200 Block of Washington Street to the end

Virginia Street from Payne to Heslep Avenue

Payne Street from Grace Street to Virginia Street

Heslep Avenue from Virginia Street to Reynolds Avenue

Lively Street from Maple Avenue to Dentistís Office


Streets in 2014-2015


Pierce Street

Windsor Lane

Wiseman Avenue

Walker Avenue

Tully Avenue

Straughter Street

Carden Lane

Vaglio Avenue

First Avenue to Third Street

Second Street from Third Avenue

Two Sections of Huse Cemetery Park

The Town of Fayetteville held a Special Levy Election at the Town Hall, Saturday January 19, 2019 to authorize the continuance† of levies for the fiscal years beginning July 1, 2019 through July 1, 2023.†† The canvas for this election was Friday January 25, 2019 @4 pm and the official results were 67 for the Levy and 9 against, having more than 60% of the vote, the levy passed.