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Over the past few years, Fayetteville has taken the initiative to Go Green!  If you haven’t already, we hope that you will join with us to make a difference! Take your recyclables to the bins at one of two convenient locations (Ben Franklin’s or Wal-Mart).   For more information call  (304)574-0917 or town hall, (304)574-0101



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April 12, 2014

Keep America Beautiful


Great American Cleanup

Fayetteville and Fayette County

1st Annual Community Wide Cleanup

The Town of Fayetteville employees collected on Friday, April 11th and Saturday April 12th at the Fayetteville Town Park from 8:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. from the two day event the following totals.

Recycled metal and appliances  3.51 Tons

Total Trash Collect in four Roll-off Boxes 7.88 Tons

The following number of people participated in the event from the following areas in Fayette County: 101 people



Fayetteville 81

Gate wood Road-3


Oak Hill-12

Total amounts cleaned up in this weekend event 11.39 Tons

The Town of Fayetteville and the WVDEP/CED Grant Sponsored Event at Lowes on Saturday, April 19th, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. had 400 people participate from Fayette County and recycled 27.5 Tons of televisions, computers and electronics.

The Total Tonnage removed and Recycled from both events 38.89 Tons

The Total number of participants 501 people from Fayette County.

Thanks to everyone who made a difference in making Fayetteville and Fayette County a Solid Green and Clean Community. Thank You Fayette County Commission and the Fayette County Solid Waste Authority for your sponsorship.

Phone 304.574.0917

May 2, 2013

Working to Keep Fayetteville Beautiful

Members of the Fayetteville Woman’s Club and Lowe’s of Fayetteville sponsor the youth flower garden located next to the Hewitt and Salvatore Law Firm on Court Street in downtown Fayetteville. Each year the members of the Fayetteville Woman’s Club partner with the Fayetteville Lowe’s store manager Craig Clemens and work with our local youth to maintain the youth flower garden that was established on Earth Day 2007. This is the sixth year of the garden and the youth that participated in the flower planting are from the Fayetteville United Methodist Church’s after school program and their teachers Mary Moses and Peggy Rogers. Members of the Fayetteville Woman’s Club that participated in the weeding, flower planting and mulching are Delores Nelson, President and Members Nancy McKown and Annita Lanham.

Our Fifth Annual Appliance Recycle Clean up is scheduled

On April 21 & 22, 2018at 8-3 at the Memorial Building Parking Lot








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Keep Fayette County Beautiful!

For more info, contact Superintendent Bill Lanham at 304-574-0101

Keep America Beautiful Award

The Town of Fayetteville now accepting plastic #1 & #2 at Studio B on Keller Avenue and at Walmart at the Fayette Town Center!!