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Freedom isnít free, it is the result of men and woman joining together to take a stand, regardless of the cost.† Our veterans have joined together to represent our nation to assure that through Valor and Perseverance that we will retain the freedom we have grown up with and sometimes take for granted.


The American Legion Post #149, Town of Fayetteville and Huse†††††† Memorial Park would like you to join with them in an $80,000 Memorial project to honor all branches of service. This is a big project, but our men and women gave big and we feel it is time to give back honor to those for their past and continued dedication.


This Memorial Wall will be constructed uniting within a wall the five branches of service, US Army, US Coast Guard, US Navy. US Marines and US Air Force just as they are united in service for our country.† Each service flag will fly proudly along side of our American Flag.† And of course the POW flag will fly for Prisoners of War and Missing in Action, who are never forgotten.† In the center will be the names of those listed as killed in action, missing in action, and prisoners of war from the Fayette County area, a special tribute for† their ultimate sacrifice.